I've worked as an consultant ever since I got my first job at Isotop back in 2013. Now it's finally time to take the next step. I've started my own company, JEHO Consulting AB, and I will start freelancing.

It feels really nice, I'm super excited and not THAT nervous, really. I'm thinking the worst thing that could happen is a new "Dot-com bubble" and everyone goes bankrupt overnight. If that happens, well, then I can open up a hamburger restaurant or something like that, "det löser sig".

Anyhow, I will continue at Svenska Spel until 31/12, after that I will hopefully continue my journey at some other great company (contact me @Linkedin if you want to work with me!).


  • I'm available after 31/12
  • Fullstack developer (.NET and React)
  • DevOps
  • Testing is awesome
  • Episerver MVP

So, who am I?

I'm currently on my sixth year as a professional software developer. I've worked with .NET ever since my first job and as I'm writing this in English (thus making "jantelagen" irrelevant) I can say that I'm pretty damn good at it. The last three years I've worked almost exclusively with .NET Core and I really like it, Microsoft has really nailed it (finally).

I've done a lot of different things over the years - integrations, e-commerce, designing/implementing APIs and so on.

I write a lot of tests when I code, I wouldn't say that I practice TDD to the fullest (I'm not religious) but not far from it.

I thought it would be fun to do a quick recap of my career so here goes:


My first real job as a programmer. I worked in a team that built a new multilingual website for Babybjörn. We built it on Episerver 7 (which I believe just had been released at the time).

Later on I switched to another team and started working with Tre (mobile operator).
We did many different projects, maintenance (and new development) of tre.se and 3.dk, a brand new self service portal and a completely new accessory shop just to name a few.

When I look back at my time at Isotop I'm extra proud of two things:

  1. The self-service portal, we wanted to use Episerver without actually using Episerver (headless). So I came up with a way of dumping all content as JSON and feeding it to the frontend (backbone.js). I've since then refined and open sourced it and I know that a few other companies use it in production :).
  2. The accessory shop we built for 3 Denmark. This was huge for me. I was the lead developer, we had a really tight deadline and I never thought that we would make it. But we made it and it felt awesome. I had only programmed for about 2 years back then when I was asked to be the lead developer on that project.
    It felt really nice that people actually believed in me but at the same time it felt a bit weird because this industry can be a bit harsh when you're young and fresh out of school, not all people listen/takes anything you say seriously.
    I designed and built the backend part and to my knowledge that code is still up and running today.


I did a bunch of different projects:

I built a lot of custom Episerver propertys when I worked at Creuna. I don't know why really but I guess it was because nobody else wanted to touch Dojo :).
I open sourced a couple of properties and Episerver awarded me with the EMVP title.

The API I mentioned above was really fun to work with.
ASP.NET Core was still in preview when the project started and we weren't sure if we could/should use it because of that. Luckily for me it was decided that we should go for it and so we did. Besides doing a lot of programming on the API I was also responsible for the CI/CD pipeline (Teamcity and Octopus). I really like setting up and using a well structured build pipeline.
I also did some coding in React in the custom admin we built.

Svenska Spel

I've been at Svenska Spel (as a consultant) for about 8 months now. I can't say too much about what we are doing right now but one thing I'm really proud of is that I convinced my team to start doing async programming. I built a quick POC that showed how much of a performance improvement it would be and now we are doing it in all the modules that we build (in my team).
Here's the result of my POC (before/after).

Looking forward

I want to have fun at work and also feel that I make a difference. My dream gig right now would be something that involves the cloud (Azure, Aws...), microservices and a couple of integrations. I would also like to further improve my javascript skills, so Vue.js or React (or both!) is really something that I would like to work with.

Things I like aka Skillz/Buzzwords

.NET Core, React, Teamcity, Octopus Deploy, Python, MSSQL, RavenDB, RabbitMQ, Azure